Saturday, September 19, 2015

Show & Tell plus Visitors!

What a beautiful Saturday to be out and about!
Speaking of beautiful - we got to start our day off with a great show and tell project. This is Kendee (and her granddaughter) with with her "tree quilt". This quilt was inspired by Kendee's son and daughter-in-law to honor their wedding anniversary.  The quilt represents initials carved in a tree trunk as a symbol of enduring love. The red heart is embroidered with the couple's initials and wedding date and the quilting was done to resemble the patterns seen on a living tree. A simple and very creative idea. Don't tell - the lucky couple will be receiving this as a Christmas gift.
Great job, Kendee - thanks for sharing this with us.

Next, we had some visitors. It's fun to find out where our visitors come from - sometimes other states and interesting places. We had a nice visit with sisters Carol (on the left) and Judy (on the right). Judy hails from Colorado and Carol from Wellsville!  Our Cottage Rose quilt makes a great backdrop for a photo!

We were especially pleased to see Dennis and Kathy stop by today. They were participating in the MS 150 which is an annual bike event covering 150 miles!! The MS 150 raises money for research to help those affected by multiple sclerosis - a great cause.  Dennis even got a few
more miles in while Kathy did a little shopping. That is teamwork!

And, we did not forget about our chores! Peggy and I kept busy getting those fat quarter shelves refilled. Each folded fat quarter has a place - we got all the way around from the purples to the greens.  How do you like our shop selfie?
I think we are ready now for some more visitors!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you soon -

(All photos with permission)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hi everyone,
I'm Marilyn Parker- one of the Quilt Shop Gals! Mostly, I work at Quilting Bits and Pieces on Saturdays. I say "work" because although we have a lot to do, it is some of the most fun work I could imagine. I love to see all the new fabrics, show and tell items, discuss new projects and meet friends and customers. The ladies have given me an opportunity to try my hand at blogging so I hope to become a regular contributor for all things going on around the shop. I would like to feature some of our new items and projects, guest speakers, classes, tips for sewing, and more. I would love to post pictures (with permission) of show and tell items, so please let our employees know when you have a project to share.

A little bit about me:  I was taught to sew and crochet by my talented grandmothers. My first sewing lessons involved garments. I made all my own clothes from junior high through high school. My maternal grandmother also quilted and I was always curious about it. When I was expecting my 3rd child, I asked her to teach me. I ordered a baby blanket kit from one of the magazines and got it together. Grandmother got the big frame out and put in the quilt. She showed me how to do the hand quilting. She watched me take about 10 stitches (I'm not exaggerating!) and said something like, "Oh, you better let me take care of that". Next thing I knew, she presented me with the finished baby quilt! I just figured I was't cut out for quilting. Fortunately, I still wanted to learn, so much later enrolled in a basic quilt making class and the rest is history.

I love the fall - it's a perfect time to take stock and plan my winter projects. Did you know September is National Sewing Month? Check out the National Sewing Month website for some interesting links, newsletters, and information. This month, I found some great tutorials to make mitered corner table napkins. So easy! It's a great way to use up fat quarter packs and potentially a great gift item for the upcoming holidays.
I started with a baker's dozen from a fat quarter pack. I'm excited to use them for an every day treat!
Happy Sewing!