Sunday, January 31, 2016

Table Napkin Obsession

Whew, the holidays are finally over. I don't know about you but I am finally catching my breath and getting back to things I love - namely my sewing and quilting projects!

As my friends will tell you, I'm a little obsessed these days with making cloth table napkins. How fun!! A cloth table napkin is a treat for an everyday evening dinner. Cloth table napkins can easily be made from squares of fabric. An 18 or 20 inch square makes a perfect sized napkin. There are a number of nice tutorials on the internet about easy ways to make mitered or square corner napkins. A little hem around the sides and you are done.

The ladies got in some wonderful rolls of soft toweling at the shop. I cut the toweling in squares, hemmed two sides (the toweling comes already hemmed on two sides) and presto - new table napkins!

Of course, I did not get to my holiday napkins in time for this year's family dinner but I am ready for the next one! Now if I will just be able to remember where I put them :)
Happy stitching,

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