Thursday, March 31, 2011

Retreats and Lots of Show 'n Tell

We’ve been busy!  First we had a great mini-retreat at Quilting Bits & Pieces. Danetta came bringing two of her quilts that she has finished.  She took the pineapple Littlefoot class some time ago and this is her finished quilt top!  She also brought her finished Sashing Stars top that she started in a class using the Marti Michelle templates.  Way to Go Danetta!

That same week, Ellen stopped in to show us her completed North Country quilt.  Her husband spied this little quilt while we were still assembling it and it went home with them that day.  I think he was pretty happy with Ellen’s quick quilting!  (we still have kits - $35.00)

Last Thursday 16 of us traveled to Cedar Crest Lodge in Pleasanton, Ks for a retreat.  With Laura’s great cooking and Evelyn, Shannon & Karla taking care of all of our needs, we interrupted our sewing only for snacks and meals!
Laura Cunningham of Cedar Crest B&B

Evelyn getting ready to serve lunch
 We experienced many “Ta-Da’s” throughout the weekend.  Here are a few :
Myrna, from Colorado Springs finished all three of these quilt tops – she had the prettiest scraps!  
Breezy shows off her quilt top, but guess what, it wasn't in the final state – she finished it up after retreat using the Lil' Twister template and the look at the final result!
Step 1

Step 2 Ta-Da!

Jennifer came all the way from Georgia to sew and she finished two quilt tops!

Jennifer's version of Fire Escape

Jean spent many hours on this little miniature.

Christina shows off her Happy Daze quilt top.

 Kaye finally got the borders on her Over the River quilt

Jeni worked on several Christmas projects

 Daunita’s Park Lane quilt using the Lilly & Will fabric and she machine quilted a train quilt too

Barb probably finished more projects than anyone else.  Here is a mystery quilt she finished putting together. She also learned how to knit so made a bag to hold her knitting projects

Kirsten also came from Colorado Springs for the retreat. This is her finished Colorado Quilt. 

JoAnn made some progress her paper piecing  -- Looks like  she is auditioning for Lion King!

These soft pastel Bali Pops are just Deanna’s preference!

We hardly had any laughter at all with these two sitting together! 

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

SMELL no evil???

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  1. I can attest to the huge amount of fun you all had by the laughter coming from the craft room!! Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone. LOVE to have you guys stay with us - always a great bunch of (giggling) ladies!
    Laura - Cedar Crest Lodge